Air Offensive The Art of Flying PC Game Free Download

Air Offensive The Art of Flying PC Game Free Download
Air Offensive The Art of Flying PC Game Free Download

Game Overview

Air Offensive The Art of Flying PC Game Free Download. The authority word on game plot: " a new enroll, you will join the state army powers of the Archipelago in a frantic endeavor to fight off rebel powers, attempting to set up a system of dread. You should safeguard your island through 50 degrees of fluctuated territory, extraordinary canine battling and ground assault missions as a feature of you group." 

Air Offensive The Art of Flying Old Games Free Download

Including 7 distinctive theoretical airplanes, Air Offensive offers respectable playability, despite the fact that it appears to be just a possibly better than expected game - nothing that will draw in enthusiasts of Incoming or even Rebel Assault. The interactivity is adequately nice: you fly the airplane from a first-individual point of view, shooting everything in sight from airborne adversaries to ground terrets. Every one of the 7 airplanes in the game has its own munititions stockpile, including aerial and air-to-ground rockets, cannon, and a couple of more exclusive weapons. SVGA designs is fresh and smooth, yet the levels are a long way from the point by point and changed vistas of Incoming. 

Air Offensive The Art of Flying Full Version Games Free Download

Thus, all things considered, Air Offensive would have appeared to be a decent game had we never seen any semblance of Incoming. Shockingly, we have, thus Air Offensive misses the mark regarding the exclusive expectations set by such present day works of art. Suggested for a couple of moments of fast play, however don't anticipate that it should be a lasting inhabitant on your hard drive.

System Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon MP
Graphics: AMD Radeon Xpress 1200 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE
System Memory: 32 MB RAM
Storage: 45 MB Hard drive space
DirectX 8 Compatible Graphics Card

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Game Setup Size : 32 MB

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