The Need for Speed 1 Full Version PC Game Free Download

Need for Speed 1 Full Version PC Game Free Download
Need for Speed 1 Full Version PC Game Free Download

Game Overview

Need for Speed 1 Full Version PC Game Free Download. It will be a long time since Electronics Arts delivered its first portion in the Need for Speed ​​series. Who might have expected that innumerable different parts would follow and that Need for Speed ​​would be a world-renowned brand in sixteen years? The principal thing I saw in the wake of turning on this game is its extraordinary and clear menu. It works like this. On the left side you have an image of your vehicle with which you will race, on the right side you can pick a vehicle for your adversary and underneath it there is a choice of the race track. The remainder of the settings are in Options. Everything is clear and clear. Another incredible component is that when you click on the picture of your vehicle, a menu with point by point data will show up. 

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Here you can gain proficiency with the specialized boundaries, history, or simply take a gander at the photos and video about the vehicle. As I would like to think, this is an extraordinary redirection for sports vehicle aficionados. What's more, presently something about the potential outcomes of hustling. You have a decision of eight vehicles and six tracks. Three of them are circuit, yet the other three tracks are as yet separated into three sections, so you have a sum of around twelve tracks on which you will race. You can contend in four disciplines. These are single race, time preliminary, straight on and competition. Each discipline then, at that point, happens on an entire track. Furthermore, in light of the fact that most tracks are isolated into three portions, you will have three races before you discover who the champ is. It is diverse on the tracks where the circuits run. 

Here the length of each discipline endures as indicated by the quantity of chose circuits. In a solitary race, you pick the vehicle, the track and the adversary's vehicle. Then, at that point, the race for triumph against your eight PC controlled adversaries anticipates you. In time preliminary you can pick any vehicle and track. Then, at that point, you just race against the watch. In any case, the most intriguing thing for me was the discipline of straight on. In this mode you pick just a single adversary with whom you will seek triumph. A fascinating restoration with regards to this mode is the inclusion of the police, which happens on most lines. On the off chance that you grab the eye of a cop, he will begin pursuing you, and in the event that he gets you, you will get an admonition. 

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However, in the event that he gets you a subsequent time, you are precluded from the race. I might want to specify that police pursues are fun, yet the police might have been more forceful, on the grounds that passing the men of the law in this game is definitely not nothing to joke about. The last discipline offered is the competition. In this mode, you can choose a track, yet you just have a restricted determination of vehicles. On each track, you can race just in chose vehicles that fall into a specific speed and execution classification. Obviously, the equivalent goes for the vehicles of the rivals thus it is an extremely adjusted contest. 

System Requirements

OS: Windows 95/98
CPU: Pentium @ 500 MHz Processor
RAM: 64 MB
Hard Drive: 100 MB free
Video Memory: 8 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

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Game Setup Size : 42 MB

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