Need for Speed 4 High Stakes PC Game Free Download

Need for Speed 4 High Stakes Full Version PC Game Free Download
Need for Speed 4 High Stakes Game Free Download

Game Overview

Need for Speed 4 High Stakes Full Version PC Game Free Download. One new idea for the Need For Speed series, as the title insinuates, is result. What kind? The most noticeably terrible, obviously: dollars. High Stakes has a financial framework set up so you can bring in cash to purchase vehicles and their parts- - one region where Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit missed the mark in examination with its principle rival, Gran Turismo. Albeit maybe enlivened by GT, High Stakes makes the framework a stride further with sensible harm and the need to pay to fix it. After an unscheduled gathering with a divider, the vehicles show visual harm. 

While this may be perfect looking, it's not really cool when you perceive the amount it expenses to fix it- - which must be done since the harm not exclusively is visual yet additionally influences the vehicle's material science. When utilizing the Dual Shock regulator, for instance, rehashed stumbles into the divider will make your vehicle pull aside, a demonstration that compels you to hold the stick a piece aside to redress. This monetary construction alongside the vehicle harm truly gives you a solid feeling of proprietorship. This makes High Stakes' Pink Slip Mode incredibly amazing. This mode allows two players to contend with one another utilizing their procured vehicles in a race where the champ in a real sense takes the failure's vehicle.

Need for Speed 4 High Stakes Old PC Game Free Download

After the race, the failure's vehicle shows up on the victor's memory card. What's more, no, you can't yank your card out ahead of schedule, on the grounds that both are pulled out at the race's beginning. Yet, when you're not dashing for slips or attempting to accumulate a fortune you can in any case have some good times beating the cops in Hot Pursuit Mode, as in Need For Speed III, albeit in High Stakes you can likewise play as a cop and pursue down culprits. The test here lies in finishing before time runs out that counts down with each escaping suspect. On the off chance that the check runs out before you constrain him off the street, it's finished. Outwardly, High Stakes looks staggeringly encouraging.

Generally recognizable at this stage are the vehicles' straightforward windows, which permit you to see the inside and driver. Furthermore, on the sound side, the prattle on the police scanner is intended for more than impact. Presently the radio transmissions educate you to police exercises. In case you're playing as one of the cops, the radio is an apparatus that you can use to call for reinforcement, a spike drop or the all-powerful barrier.

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System Requirements

OS: Windows 95/98
CPU: Pentium @ 500 MHz Processor
RAM: 64 MB
Hard Drive: 200 MB free
Video Memory: 8 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

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Game Setup Size : 4.1 MB

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