Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends PC Game Free Download

Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends PC Game Free Download
Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends PC Game Free Download

Game Overview

Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends PC Game Free Download. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends is a dashing game dependent on a minimized form of the SHIFT 2 Unleashed motor by a similar advancement group. Players get to take each and every Ferrari model at any point made out onto the race track. 

The fundamental mission is isolated into 3 periods; Golden (1947 to 1973), Silver (1974 to 1990) and the Modern time (1991 to 2011). The player can switch between periods as they see fit yet can't improvement in a time until the current mission is finished. 

Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends Full Version Game Free Download

There are more than fifty Ferrari models to open and 36 exemplary dashing tracks taken from reality. Aside from the mission mode the game offers Free Play where any opened vehicle can be drive, just as Online play for up to eight players in a solitary race. 

The missions incorporate beating lap times in a set number of laps, propelling a set number of positions with two laps left in a race, or attempting to hold the distance to one more vehicle for a set number of laps. Every one of the missions are freely integrated by a storyline.

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Game Features
  • An entirely unexpected dapper game for specific turns of events. 
  • There are different modes that you can play. 
  • A huge load of possible results as for your perseverance in the game. 
  • Endless vehicles bikes and tracks. 
  • Graphically this game is astoundingly commended. 
  • Sound effects are moreover steady.

System Requirements

OS: Windows® XP (SP3)/Vista (Service Pack 1)/7 Operating System
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz
Memory:1 GB RAM
Graphics:256 MB Graphics Memory
Hard Drive:6 GB HD space

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Game Setup Size : 2.09 GB

Password : BestGameHub.com